Henry kissinger, former US Secretary of the state dies at 100


Henry kissinger, former US Secretary of the state dies at 100

Henry kissinger A former US Secretary of the state and foreign diplomat has died at the age of 100.

As a Secretary of the state and national advisor to the President Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford,
 Kissinger played the major role in building the architecture that enable the manageable relationship between the former USSR, China and the Arab Nations. At the same time, he was closely associated with some of the most controversial US foreign policy by promoting intensive bombing in the south east asia and ignore the human right abuses supported by the US governments. 

Kissinger was the leading scholar of the post world war 2 era. Having arrived as a teenage Refugee from Germany kissinger never lost his thick German accent. 

During cold War era, he directed boldest decision in the history, in 1971 he arranged Nixon's historic visit to China. Thinking strategically Nixon and kissinger Saw opening the China as a way to challenge the USSR. 

During the time of the opening to China, Kissinger was also meeting with Soviet leaders in Moscow. The spectre of a nuclear confrontation had hung over the two superpowers,for more than 40 years. 

Kissinger knew something about  leaders from his own experience in Nazi Germany, but it did not keep him from engaging with other governments that executed their opponents. It may have been that Kissinger's own life experience made it easier for him to be dispassionate about tough policy choices.

Kissinger was a great diplomat who always saw America as a pre-eminent player in the global power race, that was a virtually unthinkable prospect.