85 students of IIT Bombay begged more than Rs 1 crore package, know placement report


85 students of IIT Bombay begged more than Rs 1 crore package, know the placement report

85 students of IIT Bombay have secured annual salary packages in the first phase of placements. Most of the high salaries at the IIT-B campus during this year's placement season have come from the research and development sector. The average annual salary is Rs 36.9 lakh, up from Rs 32.25 lakh last year. 

Last year it was 41.7 lakh, this year the average is 32.4 lakh. Other sectors including IT, software and consulting saw a marginal increase in the overall average salary in the first phase of campus placements. The institute released the first phase report on Thursday night.

 International offers

Whereas international recruitment is slow because the geopolitical scenario is not favorable and it is also an election year in India, so many companies are just adopting a wait and watch policy. A total of 63 students accepted international offers in the first phase which ended on December 20. Most of the international offers have come from Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Netherlands, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Less placements than previous year 

Despite global and economic uncertainties, IIT-Bombay received a total of 1,340 proposals till December 20, resulting in placements for 1,188 students. This included seven students placed in PSUs as well as 297 PPOs through internships, of which 258 were accepted. However, the overall number of offers received was less than last year's first phase of placements.

The average package calculated at the end of the placement season last year was Rs 21.8 lakh per annum, while the average package in 2021-22 and 2020-21 was Rs 21.5 lakh and Rs 17.9 lakh, respectively.

These top companies came for recruiting

 Some of the top employers visiting the campus this session include Airbus, Air India, Apple, Cohesity, Da Vinci, Google, Intel, Jaguar Land Rover, Morgan Stanley, Mercedes-Benz, Qualcomm, Reliance Group, Samsung, Schlumberger, Strand Life. Sciences, Tata Group, Texas Instruments, TSMC, TVS Group and Wells Fargo.The sectors that have received the most offers include engineering and technology, IT, software, finance, banking, fintech, management consulting, data science and analytics, research and development and design.